Best Painting and Pencil Drawing Artist in Kenya: Motchezz Arts

If you love art particularly Paintings and Pencil drawings and you’re not sure where to get an artist to do a customized design in Nairobi then you have landed at the right page. Motchezz Arts is among the top best artist in Kenya.

About Motchezz Arts

Motchezz arts is the brand name of the artworks done by a young Kenyan artist commonly known as mothcezz whose real names are Eric Mochiemo Nyakangi.

Motchezz started practicing art at a younger age for fun and eventually went commercially after completing his high school studies from Lenana School. He later joined Kenyatta University to pursue bachelor of fine arts.

Motchezz does stippling/pointillism, mat making, pencil art, advertisement art painting and sculpture.



This is an art technique whereby one uses numerous tiny dots to draw an art piece. The dots may be single or multi-coloured depending on the piece being drawn. Many artists tend to fear using this technique doing their art as they find it tedious and time consuming. The products of this technique are quite unique and clean and it can be applied on any type of drawing.  Sometimes when done with different coloured pens, it resembles a painting.

Best Painting and Pencil Drawing Artist in Kenya

sample Stippling and pointillism Art/Photo

Mat making

Due to the rise of demand many people have started making handmade mats commonly known as shaggy mats. As an artist motchezz had to come up with different and unique mats for a fair competition out there in the market. The mats made by motchezz are softer, finer, cute and more customized than the common shaggy mats. This mats are multipurpose starting from being doorstep mats, gift mats, wall hangings and even table mats. The best thing about this mats is that the buyer decides from the colour, shape, pattern and just everything that one can think of before the work starts.

Sample Mat Making Art

Sample Mat Making Art/Photo

Pencil art

Pencil art is one of the fields explored most by many artists. In pencil art he specializes at portrait drawing and animal art.

Sample Pencil Drawing Art

Sample Pencil Drawing Art/Photo

Advertisement art and interior decorations

Advertisement art done by motchezz is mainly art than involves painting. This is like writing sign boards, writing advertisement words on business buildings and school gates.


He does painting all types of interior decorations in business buildings such as clubs and hotels also any other buildings like hospitals and even in living rooms. In his painting he also does painting of drama and music festivals backdrops. ‘

Motchezz Arts Contacts

  •  Phone: 0790742609 or 0746493546                                                                   
  • Email:


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