Adulting 101: Behaviour That Will Earn You a Place on the Adult’s Table

Transition from childhood is somewhat ambiguous, especially when emphasis is put on the numeric definition of age. Some people do mature faster than others, irrespective of age. It is not uncommon to find a 25-year old behaving more maturely than a 35-year old.

Behaviour That Will Earn You a Place on the Adult’s Table

Adulthood is more of how you carry yourself and treat other people than the number of years clocked


For this reason, I believe behavioural maturity should take precedence over the years one has clocked.

In that regard, here are some principles that will qualify you as a grown up.

Be patient

The ability to endure or calmly deal with trying circumstances is a sure sign of maturity.

Getting agitated and throwing tantrums never gets anything done.

Never slander

Bad-mouthing or speaking evil against other people never advances your well-being or character as an individual. Instead, it damages your reputation.

If you do not have anything nice to say about someone, then say nothing at all.

Never assume

It has often been said that you should not judge a book by its cover. We judge a lot by first impressions.

But often times the truth is the reverse of what we genuinely believed.

Take time to learn people or circumstances. Ask questions, challenge assumptions and do not take anything for granted.

Manage expectations

Expectations should be avoided at all costs, especially when it comes to expectations we have of others.

To better manage expectations, communicate, anticipate problems and understand other people’s biases.

Individuals who are able to manage expectations exceptionally find it easy navigating the rough waters of life.

Accept flaws

None borne of man is perfect. Yet we all have so many more strengths, only that we dwell on flaws.

Identify your flaws and single out those you can do something about and make and active choice to work on them.

Accept those you cannot change and find ways to work around them.

Forgive often

Erring is human and from time to time we are bound to be wronged or wrong others.

However, holding onto resentment and anger harms us more than it harms those who wrong us.

Forgiveness does not mean that you condone wrongdoing, neither does it mean that you should forget.

Rather, it is choosing to let go of all negativity and emotional baggage that weighs you down.

Respect others

Treating other people with the respect they deserve goes a long way in making them respect you back.

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This does not mean you only respect their person but their needs as well. Listen, encourage and be helpful whenever you can.

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