Wilson Sossion on 2-6-6-3 New Curriculum implementation, Kenya

KNUT secretary General Wilson Sossion appeared to citizen TV to raise issues on the implementation of the 2-6-6-3 (2-6-3-3-3). Below are excerpts of the discussions.

Wilson Sossion on 2-6-6-3 New Curriculum, Difference between CBC and 2-6-6-3
Wilson Sossion on 2-6-6-3 New Curriculum and understanding CBC implementation differences/ Photo Source

Difference between CBC and 2-6-6-3 curriculum

Before we dive into what Wilson Sossion said, let’s first understand the difference between CBC and 2-6-6-3 curriculum.

2-6-6-3 is used to indicate the standard years learners should spend in the new education system (That is Early Years Education, Middle School Education, Senior School and University or College). Just like 8-4-4.

CBC on the hand is the approach that will be used to teach the learners (Learn more about CBC in this page).

What is KNUT’s Take on 2-6-6-3 New Curriculum?

Wilson Sossion: Kenya National Union of Teachers (KNUT) believes in constant  review of the curriculum at least every five years, number two we believe in reforms that are professionally conducted whether it’s CBC or any other curriculum but our contention at the moment is the process and how the curriculum is being conducted.

Curriculum is not a political statement, it is a technical process and our concern is that the due process has not been followed right from;

  • the evaluation of the 8-4-4 to check and to agree whether it has gaps
  • the needs assessment which we believe it was poorly done by KICD
  • You must develop a policy framework before you develop the curriculum design and the policy framework means you go through to constitute a commission, engage the stakeholders, develop the policy, develop a session of Paper and have Parliament to debate.

Is KNUT Ready to engage the ministry on CBC implementation?

Wilson Sossion: We are ready to engage anyone. But before the engagements happen we have advised our teachers not to teach CBC because there’s nothing that is going on in the classroom, practically nothing.

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