Where to Buy Classy, Cute Dress for women in Kenya at a Cheap Price

What follows is a detailed article with photos of where to buy classy and cute women or ladies dress in Nairobi, Kenya at a cheap or affordable price. We have provided a list of stores and shops.

shops Where to Buy Classy, Cute Dress for women in Nairobi, Kenya at a Cheap Pric
List of shops Where you can shop for Classy, Cute Dress for women in Nairobi, Kenya at a Cheap Price/Photo

Why you need a classy dress as a Kenyan lady

Just imagine it! Walking into that party or event that you`ve been invited to and being the envy of everyone there because of the dress you have on! It`s a good feeling, isn`t it? They say looking good, makes you feel good too and I agree. But, finding classic women dresses at affordable prices can be tedious and exhausting.

For most women, shopping for dresses can be a nightmare especially if the conditions do not go well with your situation. That is, you find a pretty dress you like but at a very costly price or you find an affordable dress but it`s not a good choice for you.

Well, that is a situation you are about to bid goodbye. I have provided a list shops where you can buy classy dresses for women cheap prices in Kenya.

Factors consider before buying a woman dress in Kenya

Here is a list of factors to take into consideration before buying a dress in any shop in Kenya. Not all factors. But those that agree with your occasion.

  • African dress
  • Baby Dress
  • Baby shower dress
  • Ball gown dress
  • Birthday dress
  • Bridal dress
  • Casual dress
  • Child and toddler dress
  • Cinderella dress
  • Classy and cute trending dresses
  • Cocktail Dress
  • Party dress
  • Coast dress
  • Color (Red, blue, purple, pink, gold, black, yellow, green, grey, cream, maroon, beige, ivory, orange e.t.c)
  • Corset dress
  • Engagement dress
  • Evening Dress
  • Floor length dress
  • Formal dress
  • Graduation dress
  • Homecoming dress
  • Indian dress
  • Kikuyu traditional dress
  • Knee length dress
  • Maasai dress
  • Mermaid dress
  • Somali dress
  • One piece dress
  • Party dress
  • Princess dress
  • Reception dress
  • Silk dress
  • Sleeveless dress
  • Strapless dress
  • Tea length dress
  • Two piece dress
  • V neck dress
  • Wedding dress
cute Indian purple dress in for Kenyan ladies
cute Indian purple dress for Kenyan ladies/Photo

Where to buy cute women dresses in Kenya at cheap price

Below is a list of where to buy classic women dresses at a cheap price in Kenya:

Second hand dress markets (Open Air Markets) in Kenya

Previously, these markets were in a way underrated. But in the recent past, people have have discovered the treasure that is, second hand clothes markets. In these markets, you will not only find quality and unique dresses but also get them at cheap prices.

Classic women dresses in these markets range from sizes, colours, designs, materials, and prices. But I can assure you, that a trip to a second hand clothes market never disappoints.

PS: There are a few cons like a bit of washing and ironing of the dresses, but that`s about it.

Below are the major second hand clothes markets, to get your classic women dresses:

  • Gikomba market: buying clothes here means no limitations because you are spoilt for choice.
  • Muthurwa Market: like Gikomba, Muthurwa has a wide variety of classic women dresses, all varying in sizes, colours, designs, and prices.
cute red dress in kenya
cute red dress for Kenya ladies/Photo

Online Dress stores (Jumia, Kilimall and Mimi)

This is the latest and most trending method of shopping currently, especially for women with tight schedules. What makes these online stores most preferable, is the fact that you can shop from the the comfort of your home or office. The icing on the cake is the fact that your items are delivered at your door step. Convenient, right?

To top it all, access to online clothing stores is a click away. They offer a variety of classic women dresses ranging from different sizes, colours, designs, and prices.

And, if you are someone who loves shopping under peaceful environments, these are the perfect places for your shopping. Wondering why? The reason is, on these online platforms, you have the power to control your shopping cart, sample every dress of choice without any nagging.

These stores include:

  • Jumia Online stores: Ladies Dress
  • Kilimall
  • Mimi Online store

You can also import from Amazon.com

cute coastal dress for Kenyan women
cute coastal dress for Kenyan women/Photo

Boutiques, Malls and Ladies dress stores

In these boutiques, malls, and stores you will find a variety of classic women dresses and at affordable prices.

PS: Most of these stores, also have online platforms where they market their items. So you can pre order online before visiting their stores.

They include:

  • Trendy Fashion and Interiors
  • La Belle
  • Vivo active wear
  • Classy fashions
  • Koton- women`s clothing store

So now you are spoilt for choice!

cute knee length dress
cute knee length dress/Photo

Pixabay photos

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