Where to Buy Classic Baby Clothes at Cheap Price in Kenya (Nairobi)

What follows is a list of shopping sites where you can baby clothes in Nairobi, Kenya at a cheap or affordable price. That is online shops like Jumia and Open Market places.

best places where to buy newborn baby clothes in Nairobi Kenya ta a cheap price jumia
best places where to buy newborn baby clothes in Nairobi Kenya ta a cheap price/Photo


Guide to Buying Baby Clothes in Kenya at Cheap Price

We all love those cute baby outfits right? For mothers, shopping for babies clothes is a mixed experience, it is good at times and on other occasions, it is a draining ordeal.

When the baby is some weeks old, shopping for their outfits is an easy task because you don’t have to necessary consider gender. But, when the newborn gets to some months old, it gets a little hectic because gender comes into play.

Your financial situation is also a major determining factor on how you do your baby`s shopping.

Below are stores where you can go shopping for classic babies clothes at cheap prices in Kenya:

Baby clothing stores and shops in Nairobi (Newborn)

These stores vary in location and the type of baby clothes they sell. Some stores are specially for infants 0- 12 months, while others are for general babies, irrespective of the age.

  • Cuddly Hugs Kenya
  • Doodles Kids Closet
  • The Boy`s Store
  • Pirma Baby Shop
  • Tiny Twinkle Baby Store
  • Baby Shop, Thika Road Mall

Jumia Kenya Baby Clothes

You can baby clothes online at Jumia Kenya website. The good thing with Jumia is that you you can take your time sampling the best of thousands of newborn clothes available at their store.

  • For Baby Boys Clothes at Jumia Check this page: Boys Store
  • For Baby girls Clothes at Jumia visit this page: Girls Store
  • For All Baby Needs visit: Bay Store

Second Hand Markets where you can shop Baby Clothes in Nairobi

Buying clothes here means affordable,unique and quality clothes for your babies. These markets include:

  • Toi Market
  • Gikomba Market
  • Muthurwa Markket
  • Fig Tree/ Ngara Market

With a lot of patience, a good eye for detail and great bargaining skills in the second hand markets, you are guaranteed to bag a very good deal for your baby`s clothes.

So, now you are armed with all the information you need to to buy classic babies clothes at cheap prices in Kenya. Exploit your options, and you assured to get nothing short of the best.

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