Preparing for Childbirth, Delivery: Labor Pain, Baby Essentials, Hospital

A checklist and guide on how to prepare for delivery or child birth, labor pain exercise, baby essentials e.t.c: As the days go by, anxiety increases. Questions like “How am I going to handle the pain” start popping up in your mind. Preparing well for this day reduces anxiety and uncertainties making  you feel more confident and ready to receive the new bundle of joy. To help you for this day are five golden tips below (check best maternity hospitals in Kenya).

Preparing for Childbirth, or Delivery, Labor pain easing, Baby Essentials, Maternity Hospital
Preparing for Childbirth, or Delivery, Labor pain easing, Baby Essentials, Maternity Hospital/Photo
  1. Choose preferred hospital for delivery

Pregnant women are often required to choose where to give birth in the event of labour. It is good to make this choice early at least by mid pregnant (20 week’s gestation) so that one starts attending their antenatal clinics in their preferred hospital. The importance of making such a choice early is that it helps a mother familiarize with the staff, environment and prepare for delivery expenses in advance. For mothers who prefer to be delivered by their own private midwives or obstetricians it also good to confirm in advance whether the hospital accepts that. It is also safer to consider a hospital with a newborn unit so that incase the baby develops complications they will not need to be transferred to another hospital.

  1. Attend prenatal classes

Childbirth education classes are provided by many hospitals to any willing couple. During these classes a couple is taught the process of labour and care of the newborn. These classes are important as they help relieve anxiety, provide a forum to discuss fears about labour, discuss pain relief options and have a chance to tour the facility.

  1. Choose a birth companion

A birth companion is like a pregnancy ‘buddy’. This is a person who should be available to walk you through the pregnancy. Your birth companion will accompany you to labour ward in the event of labour. She/he will stay with you, massage you, do backrubs and sooth when you will be in pain. A birth companion therefore should be a person you are comfortable around and you are sure will be available when you will need them. It can be your spouse, your sister, a friend or even your mother-in-law.

  1. Buy baby essentials

When a baby is born there are a must have things. During your pregnancy it is the perfect time to shop for these baby essentials because after delivery it may not be possible to do so. Some of these things include newborn baby clothes preferably cotton, shawls, receivers, size 1 or size 2 diapers and newborn baby wipes. You may also choose to buy baby soap and baby oil. When packing your delivery bag it is good to make sure you don’t miss any of these.

  1. Arrange for transport

Labour can come at any time therefore a pregnant woman should always be prepared how they are going to get to the hospital in the event. If you are planning to use a personal car make sure you have a driver standby day and night and the car is fuelled and in a good condition always. If you plan to use a taxi, have numbers of one or two taxi drivers and notify them you may call them any time to take you to the hospital. Have also some money saved up for your transport expenses. You can also call the maternity and arrange an ambulance to pick you up.

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