Ultra Hi Yaki braids in Kenya: How to style, best for, price and where to buy

Ultra Hi Yaki braids belong to the sophisticated class of different types of braids. The catching point with them is the fact that they are pretty cheap and give a more redefining look after the finishing. As the name suggests, they are only achieved through the Ultra Hi Yaki braid which can be easily accessed in local supermarkets and cosmetic shops. For a cheaper option, one can opt to wholesale stores.

Ultra Hi Yaki braids in Kenya, How to style them and best for

Ultra Hi Yaki braids in Kenya, styling, best for, price and where to buy/Photo Source



Summary Features of  Hi Yaki braids in Kenya

  • The Hi Yaki braids are super soft
  • Hi Yaki braids are Great for Kid’s braiding
  • The price of Hi Yaki braids go at average of Ksh. 1000 for 3-5 packets (cost varies according to shop)
  • They can be bought from darling Kenya


The braid gives different options of styles that one can select from depending on the occasion at hand. They can be partially braided or fully braided. Either way, the outcome is always satisfying. When fully braided, they can be either dipped in hot water to give that smooth curly style for outdoor functions or they could as well be held together with a hair band to give that office look.


When the braids are partially braided, they have to be tied in a knot or be stuck together by a drop of hair glue to avoid them from disentangling .When that is done, one can either choose to leave them straightened out or give them that classy wavey look by dipping them in hot water.


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The braids are so soft and light hence can be used on children of any age. One braid can be enough for a full head style, however if one prefers bulky head finishings, then they can use two to three of these braids. Actually there is no limit to the number of braids to be used. But the more bulky style one wants, the more they have to spend. One can then frequently use a sheen/oil spray to maintain their style.

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