Twist braids in Kenya: How Style, best for, price and where to buy

Twist braids are a more elegant variation of braids. They can be made using any brand of braids or threaded. They take longer to finishing and style than the normal box braids but they are even more rewarding if handled by an experienced stylist. Twist braids are popular with young working class people who prefer simple but yet classy hairstyles. Since the style accommodates the use of different types of braids and colours, one has an option to select most affordable to them (learn how to style in this video).

Twist braids in Kenya, How Style, best for, price and where to buy

Twist braids in Kenya, How Style, best for, price and where to buy/Photo @huetifulsalon


Like their box counterparts, twisted braids are easy to maintain and keep hair safe even in cold weather. They can be worn for a couple of weeks especially if well taken care of. In addition to that, the hairstyle gives those with short hair a reason to smile as they can beautifully rock this look without feeling out of place.


Once done, the braids can be left free flowing for that outstanding girly look; a style that is most common among college students and young girls. Or opt for a bun on either side of the head while leaving some off shoulder display for that fun-loving trendy look. For that neat office style, an all round bun or a normal ponytail hold could do the trick. You can also get more adventurous with the side and center head styling. Also remember to be as creative as possible. If you love accessories do not be afraid to explore and use them to decorate your twists. You can purchase beads or pins that could help enhance the look. There is no limitation to what you can really achieve.

Types of twist braids

  • Big twist braids
  • Short twist braids
  • Senegalese twist hairstyles
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