Plaited afro-mohawk in Kenya: How to style, best for, price and where to buy

The plaited afro mohawk style is a variation of the exquisite mohawk styles. The stye is most embraced among young adventurous women whose love for natural hair pushes them to try as many styles as possible. This style also comes in handy for those whose nature of work is always demanding or those who don’t like wasting alot of time styling their hair every morning. Afro-mohawk style is not only affordable, but also easy to achieve and maintain on it’s own. All one needs the services of a good stylist.

Plaited afro-mohawk in Kenya, How to style, best for, price and where to buy

Plaited afro-mohawk in Kenya, How to style, best for, price and where to buy/Photo by beautyreflectionsblog



People can rock this sophisticated style to any occasion without appearing too daring. And to add more colour to the hair, an hair highlighter or dye can be used though not necessary as the look on its own is worth eye-feasting. It’s ability to proudly display the immense work of art effortlessly put into it,gives Afro-mohawk an upper hand.


Like any other mohawk style, the afro-mohawk,is styled from the sides of the head although this time around using only natural braids are needed for this style hence the hair should be long enough to be plaited and remain firm on it’s own. The finishings are then tied into tiny knots to prevent the hair from unravelling.


For maintenance, a good moisturising spray is needed to ensure that the hair does not dry up, a thing that could lead to split ends. No one wants that. Armed with all of that and you will be ready to step out of that door not only feeling incredibly beautiful, but also showing your gorgeous look to the world to acknowledge.

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