Top 7 Kenyan startups that are transforming Kenyan’s way of living

Kenya is a home of innovators in east and central Africa. According to statistics that we released by Jumia Kenya on May 2nd 2015, during the launch of  its Mobile Week in Laico Regency Hotel  Nairobi, Mobile penetration in the world stands at 51% in Africa  79% and Kenya 83%. The smartphone market in Kenya rose from 7% in 2011 to 58% by the beginning of 2015.


Find below a list of top 7 Kenyan startups that were founded by Kenyans. There might be other amazing startups in Kenya but we took into consideration of starts founded by Kenyans.
1. Kytabu:  Founded by a Kenyan Tonee Ndungu. Kytabu is  the one-stop-shop for every student looking to learning today’s syllabus. Kytabu has pre-installed all types of books that subscribers can access at a fee.
2. Umati Capital: Umati Capital is a start-up financial services company that aims to transform access to finance through the consistent and innovative use of technology.
3. Eneza Education: Founded by Kago Kagichiri and Toni Maraviglia. Eneza provides a virtual tutor and teacher’s assistant on mobile devices.  Eneza has products that can be accessed via SMS or USSD, Web, Desktop Applications, and Android Applications

4 Zatiti: Zatiti is one of my best startups in Kenya.  Zatiti was founded by two Kenyans David Njuguna and Grace Kiburi. It is a tool that enables merchants to create an online shop and start selling online within a minute.  Your e-commerce website  that you  create with Zatit  accepts orders and payments for your products. No technical skills are required.

5. Manyatta Rent: Founded by a Kenyan Duncan Muchangi. This is a Mobile Rent Payment Processing app.
6 .M-Farm: This is a Kenyan mobile application that assists  farmers to plan their planting calendar. It also gives them an opportunity to advertise their services.

7. Ma3Route: Founded by Kenyan Laban Okune. Ma3Route is  is a mobile/web/SMS platform which assists  users with the  information they need to get from point A to B. In kenya, Ma3Route is very well known for providing instant and reliable traffic information.

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