How to Stay Safe on the Road this December

While no one can exactly foresee accidents, there are some factors that contribute to the likelihood of them occurring.

The previous article has highlighted some reasons why most accidents occur in December.

In this article, let’s explore some interventions we can put in place to reduce road carnage.

Most road accidents in Kenya occur in the month of December

Most accidents are avoidable if we exercise caution. Photo: Courtesy 

Alternative Modes of Transport

December witnesses heavier traffic on roads than any other month. This is the time most people take breaks from school or work and travel upcountry to Christmas festivities.

High road traffic is a catalyst of accidents. We can reduce road traffic by embracing alternative means of transport. Take domestic flights (in some cases they are cheaper than road travel).

Rail transport is also a safer alternative. Travellers from Nairobi to Mombasa or vice versa have the option of using the brand new SGR.

Adherence to Speed Limits

The rush to make maximum returns leads to overspeeding and consequently, avoidable accidents. Private and public service vehicle drivers need to stick to speed limits to reduce risk of accidents.

Law enforcers, particularly police and NTSA officials need to ensure whoever flouts speed limit rules is arrested and charged accordingly.

Adequate Rest

The rush to make a killing during this period often means drivers don’t get enough rest. It is prudent that vehicle owners allow drivers get reasonable rest before getting behind the wheel.

Officials in the transport industry need to ensure that vehicle owners neither overwork drivers nor underpay them for not making maximum trips.

Poor Maintenance

Vehicles need to be regularly serviced to ensure optimal performance. Law enforcers need to be enlightened on the need to ensure that only roadworthy vehicles should be on roads.


Graft is the proverbial multi-headed devil that needs a multi-faceted approach to manage. Police need to be monitored and made aware they are being watched by anti-corruption officials.

Guilty drivers and other road users caught bribing the police also need to be punished heavily to discourage the social evil.

It is also prudent to engage in a sensitization exercise on corruption and its role in road carnage. The exercise should involve vehicle owners, law enforcers and other stakeholders in the transport industry.

Drunk Driving

It cannot be stressed enough that driving under the influence of alcohol is risky. The driver’s alertness and sense of judgments are greatly diminished.

A drunk driver is a danger to himself and to other road users. Law enforcers such as the NTSA should be encouraged and supported in their crackdown on drunk drivers.

Citizens also need to stop assisting drunk drivers escape drunk drivers’ dragnets because they are abetting the loss of lives through road carnage.

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As we descend into merry-making, caution and restraint should always be exercised. When drunk, take a cab. Better still, go out with a designated driver, preferably a teetotaller.

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