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Below is a comprehensive analysis of the salaries and remuneration commission-SRC new job evaluation report of 2016/2017. The report covers workers in public service, Civil Servants and Parastatals. Also find salary scales and allowances in job groups.

UPDATE: Find New SRC pay structure for state officers and civil servants updated on 10th July 2017 in this page

src job group evaluation of salaries for public, civil servants teacher
SRC job group evaluation of salaries for public Servants, civil servants, teacher/Photo



About SRC Job evaluation report analysis

The SRC job evaluations covers the entire Public Sector that is clustered into seven sectors. The sectors are: The Civil Service; County Government; Service and Regulatory State Corporations; Commercial and Strategic Corporations; Constitutional Commission, Independent Offices and Teaching Service; The Disciplined services; Public Universities, Research and Tertiary Education Institutions.

SRC Job Groups Grading Structure for County Government workers


  1. Job Group E : Chair CPSCB
  2. Job Group D: The following workers fall under this group; Clerk to the Assembly, Vice Chair
  3. CPSB, Board Member, Chief Officer,Directors, Deputy Directors, Assistant Directors
  4. Job Group C:  The following workers fall under this group; Officers II, Officers I, Senior Officers, Chief Officers, Principal Officers
  5. Job Group B: Clerical Officer, Drivers, Morgue Attendant, Officer III

SRC Job Groups Grading Structure of Civil Servants


  • Job Group E: This group contains Top executives and most senior specialists (Heads of institutions). They include;Director, Secretary Director, Secretary, Ambassador, Registrar, Commissioner, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Officer, Principal, Chairperson, Senior Deputy Director
  • Job Group D: This group contains Senior and Middle Management & High level specialists (Heads of departments & Section heads). They include; Senior Deputy Director, Deputy Director, Chief Officer, Director, Principal, Senior Assistant Director, Assistant Director, Deputy Director, Senior Deputy Administrator, Deputy Chief, Senior Assistant Director, Senior Assistant Commissioner, Assistant Commissioner, Senior Principal Superintending, Principal Superintending, Deputy Commissioner, Chief Economist, Senior Assistant Director, Assistant Director, Deputy Chief Economist, Senior Principal, Principal, Chief Superintending.
  • Job Group C: This group contains Supervisors and high level skilled officers. They include;Senior Principal Superintendent, Principal Officer, Senior Principal Officer, Senior Foreign Service Officer, Senior Superintending Officer, Principal Lecturer, Chief Officer, Senior Economist, Senior Officer, Principal Assistant Officer Senior Officer, Engineer I, Chief Assistant, Chief Officer,Lecturer I, Senior State Counsel, State Counsel I&II, Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief, Assistant Secretary, Assistant Administrator, Geologist I, Geochemist I, Geophycist I, Economist I, Senior Officer, Senior Assistant Officer, Officer II, Assistant I
  • Job Group B: This group contains Skilled and low level supervisory staff. They include;Assistant Officer I,II&III, Senior Assistant I, Intern, Senior Inspector, Senior Technologist, Technologist I,II&III, Chief Technician, Technician I,II&III, Assistant Officer I,II&III Chief Driver, Senior Charge Hand, Charge Hand, Senior Office Assistant, Chief Clerical Officer, Superintendent Artisan, Artisan, P1 teacher, Office Assistant, Senior Driver, Driver I, Driver II.
  • Job Group A: This group contains very low-skilled basic workers. They include;Officer III, Support Staff, Operator III, Attendant III.

    Salaries and Remuneration Commission report
    SRC-Salaries and Remuneration Commission report/Photo

SRC Job Groups Grading Structure for Commission and Independent Officers


  1. Job Group E: Directors Deputy CEOs
  2. Job Group D:  Managers Assistant Deputy Directors
  3. Job Group C: Senior Managers, Assistant Directors, Deputy Directors, officers executive assistants
  4. Job Group B: Senior Officers, Supervisors,Principal Officers,Drivers, Secretary, Clerical Staff, and Assistant Officers
  5. Job Group A: Support Staff,Tea persons and Messengers

SRC Job Evaluation for the Teachers

SRC Job Evaluation for teachers was conducted by Price Waterhouse Coopers. Initially out of the three hundred thousand strong teaching force, only 32 jobs were identified. However, because of the need to provide a career path for the administrative positions, an additional 61 jobs were identified and agreed by all stakeholders, making the total number of jobs in the teaching service to 93.
The largest group of Teachers were in “Job Group G” comprising about 30% of the teachers in the country. The highest Role was in job group P, Q, R that was mapped to grade D1 in the Paterson Banding. The Job Evaluation introduced a new level of career path for teachers. Those in administration shall be absorbed in Band “D” from D2 to D5. Since these jobs are not currently occupied, they will have to be filled.

We will continue updating salaries and remuneration commission job groups for other missing category of government workers.

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Do not miss our  next update on the specific salary that each civil servant, teacher e.t.c will be paid under the new job evaluation scales.

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