Signs Your Roommate is Not Mentally Healthy

At one point or another, circumstances may force us to live with a roommate. It could be due to campus regulations, lack of adequate housing or even in a bid to cut expense on house rent.

Whatever the reason, it would be comforting to know the person you are moving in with is mentally healthy. Unfortunately, you can never really know a person well until you live with them.

Mentally unstable persons may come off as normal in the initial stages of meeting, only to go bonkers once you get used. Nonetheless, there are red flags that will point out to mental instability. Here are some to look out for.


Anxiety is a pretty normal emotion and we are all bound to exhibit signs of stress from time to time. However, if someone displays constant anxiousness then it is definitely a pointer to deeper problems.

Common signs of anxiety include constant restlessness, irrational fears, and unexplained nausea.


Occasional sadness is common but a roommate who is ever sad should spook you. If your roommate shows signs of guilt or keeps saying they feel worthless, this could be a pointer of mental illness.

Social Withdrawal

Such persons are more likely to spend time alone. You may make plans to go to a social event together, only for them to cancel at the last minute citing flimsy excuses.

Bipolar Disorder

People with this condition show behavioural signs such as addiction, hoarding, exploitation, manipulation, and unexplained anger. If your roommate overreacts to pretty normal situations, you need to take them serious.


Mentally unstable persons will show eating habits that point to a disorder. Look out for signs such as obsession with watching caloric intake, compulsive exercising, eating alone or in secret, making excuses to avoid eating.

Occasional appearance of the abovementioned behaviours is not necessarily a pointer of mental instability. However, regular manifestation should be a cause for worry.

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If you are already living with such an individual, you may need to learn ways on how to cope. Should things get out of hand you may have to consider moving out.

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