How to Cope with a Mentally Unstable Roommate

Living with a mentally unstable individual can put a strain on your life to an extent that it may start to negatively impact your health.

While getting out is the easiest solution, not all have the luxury to do so. This necessitates acquaintance with some things to do in order to get along. Here are some.

Speak Up

Keeping your anger bottled up will only aid their unconventional behaviour. Should you notice anything that upsets you, communicate the same to them.

It may take more than once to get the point home. Keep reminding them until they get their act together.

Be Kind

It is amazing how a little show of compassion can get an individual to try and reciprocate by behaving better. Offer to do their laundry on their bad days or invite them out to a friend’s party, bring them a snack if they cannot tag along.

Eliminate Harmful Substances

Mentally ill people often turn to alcohol and drugs to alleviate their suffering. Consider abstaining or avoid bringing alcoholic drinks and/or recreational drugs into your room. You can also take the initiative of encouraging them to abstain.

Encourage them to Seek Medical Intervention

People with mental illness may not admit they have a problem. Hence, it can be challenging to get them to accept to seek treatment.

If they flatly out refuse you advice, contact a close friend or relative who may be able to convince them to see an expert.

Move Out

When all is said and done, you will have to consider your needs. As much as you should always try to help others where you can, be smart to realize when it is a futile exercise.

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If your roommate becomes intolerable and rejects your help or from close friends and relatives, moving out may be your only option.

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