How to select a good off-campus hostel

When applying for university hostels, not everyone is always lucky to get a room inside the premises. This should not weigh you down because there are very many off campus hostels around the school. However, you should be very keen when chosing an off campus hostel. Below are a few points that can help you get the best hostel for your campus stay:




It is advisable to get a hostel that is very close to the school. This is because you will be spending most of your time at school thus this should save you a great deal of time and also funds in terms of fare. In addition to this, staying close to school ensures your safety in terms of commuting. This is because the school security is always close in case of any disturbances. You should also ensure that you are close to other utilities like the cyber café, restaurants and others like the supermarket.


Pocket friendly


Ensure that the hostel room you are getting is pocket friendly. Most off campus hostels are always expensive. Make sure you get the best deal in terms of utilities. Again, make sure you get a self contained room as this should give you the privacy that you want.



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Needless to say, you should make sure that the place you chose should have very tight security. This is because, the room you get is the same place you will be keeping your belongings for instance, your laptops and other electronics. It is advisable to get a hostel in a gated area whereby everyone who gets in is well checked at the gate.

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