Sample proposal letter and how write one for school project and business funding

A proposal letter can be written when you want to do a school project, seeking funding or sponsorship and requesting for business partnership. Find below a sample proposal letter and detail explanation on how to write a proposal letter that will be accepted or approved quickly.


How to write a proposal letter

In this modern day and age, being in a position to write a good proposal letter, is a quality to be proud of. Unfortunately, not everyone has the capability to create a good proposal letter, and tweak it in a way that the letter will achieve the intended mission.

If you have been in that dilemma before, wondering how to go about creating a good proposal letter, worry no more. The tips below will ensure that your proposal letter gets your intended message across:

  1. Purpose for the proposal letter:

Before you get down to working on a proposal letter, ensure that you have a clearly set out purpose for writing the letter. All the facts should be intact and 100% provable.


PS: For a business proposal letter, be sure to format the letter in a formal letter that is, starting with your address and that of your recipient. Address your recipient using proper titles such as Mr, Mrs/ Ms.


  1. State clearly the history or background check that has triggered you to write the proposal. Your facts should be clearly and perfectly stipulated as this will make it easier for the recipient to connect and understand your proposal.
  2. If your proposal is about to eradicate a certain problem, ensure that you clearly breakdown it`s effects and the solutions that you wish to implement to improve the situation.

For a business proposal, be specific about your plan, the help you require form the recipient and also clearly stipulate the intended or planned budget.

Conclude the proposal letter by thanking the recipient. You can also state in summary the main intention of the letter also urge the recipients to grant you an audience.


Sample Business Proposal Letter

sample proposal letter for business and how to write one

sample proposal letter for business and how to write one/Photo

There you have it! With all the above facts put into practice properly, you are guaranteed to create a winning proposal letter.

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