How to Revise for KCSE English Examinations and sample revision papers

Revising for KCSE English Examinations and sample revision past papers in Kenya: English, just like mathematics and Kiswahili is a compulsory subject, revising an English exam can be very hard especially when you have no idea how to go about it. The KCSE English examines paper a student’s knowledge literature, poetry grammar and composition. Bearing this in mind, here are some helpful tips on how to revise for your English paper.

How to Revise for KCSE English Examinations and sample revision papers

How to Revise for KCSE English Examinations and sample revision papers/Photo


One can generally prepare for the English exam by starting early revision, going through past papers in, consulting the teacher for assistance, forming study groups to assist each other and making use of revision books and class notes.


Since English is a wide subject, it is advisable to study each part separately while revising, plan a special day meant just for revising poetry, literature grammar or composition. This will make revision a lot easier unlike random revision.


When revising for the literature paper, make sure you have read and re-read the set books that are going to be examined for you to have a complete understanding of the texts. You also have need to analyze all the aspects of writing in the book like the themes, characterization, and plot amongst other. Guide books are also important revision materials while studying for your literature paper.


Revising for composition requires one to read widely so as to get more knowledge, ideas and learn new words in the process. As for grammar, it is important to ensure that you have revised every aspect of it like parts of speech and comprehension.

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Latest KCSE English Examination sample revision papers will be shared here. Check back later.

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