Reasons Why You Need to Cut Back On Your Sugar Intake

Sugar, in its various forms, is quite addictive and hard to completely cut off. Unfortunately, it is known to cause a number of health complications.

Processed sugar is known to cause a number of health complications

Processed sugar is known to cause a number of health complications

The biggest culprit in development of these complications is processed or added sugar (such as sucrose).

The following reasons are why experts recommend cutting back on the amount of processed sugar you consume, if you cannot eliminate it from your diet completely.

Instead it is recommended that you opt for natural sugars found in fruits.


Diabetes results from failure of the pancreas to produce adequate insulin when there is Increased blood sugar level.

On the other hand, hypoglycaemia results when the pancreas produces too much insulin. This makes the victim feel tired as blood sugar level becomes lower than it should be.


Several studies have shown a correlation between high levels of sugar intake with increased risk of being obese.

Sugar has a dopamine effect in the sense it becomes addictive to the extent that victims lose control of consumption.

Increased intake of sugary foods such as sweetened beverages increases the risk of obesity.

Fatty Liver Disease

Once sugar hits the bloodstream, it is converted into fructose and glucose. Glucose is present in every living organism’s cells and the body even produces it.

Fructose is not produced in the body and the liver has to metabolize it.

Fructose is not a problem when consumed in little quantities, especially after a physically draining activity. The problem is when it is in excess.

The liver converts excess fructose into glycogen and stores it for later use. However, excess glycogen can overload the liver and lead to a condition called Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease.

Heart Disease

Intake of sweetened beverages and foods, such as pastries, can raise blood pressure. Excess sugar may also make the liver release harmful fats into the bloodstream.

Research has shown that these two factors increase the risk of developing heart disease.


In some cases, the body is forced to use its calcium reserves to counter the ill effects of sugar, this makes bones osteoporotic (weak).


Insulin plays a critical role in checking the growth of cells. Increased insulin levels, due to high blood sugar, leads to impaired insulin activity.

In turn, this leads to uncontrolled growth and multiplication of cells; characteristic of cancer.

Gum Disease

Our gums have a network of tiny capillaries that supply blood to provide requisite nutrients. Sugar makes blood thick to an extent that it becomes difficult to flow


Some of the sugar we consume gets attached to proteins (glycation). These results in new molecular structures that lead to loss of the skin’s elasticity.

The effect is not limited to just the skin but affects other organs and tissues such as arteries, kidneys.

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Tooth Decay

When sugar sits on your teeth it attracts bacteria. The bacteria the bacteria produce acids that dissolve the enamel on teeth.

Continued erosion of the enamel can lead to cavities and possibly tooth loss.


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