Places to visit with your family on holiday in Kenya: Friendly destination packages

Kenya is the right destination for both domestic and international tourists, adventure-seekers and many sorts of activities which families can engage in especially on holidays. This is mostly because of its vast endowment with natural heritage and the fact that Kenyans are generally entertaining, admirable and welcoming people.

Places to visit with your family on holiday in Kenya: Friendly destination packages

Places to visit with your family on holiday in Kenya: Friendly destination packages/Photo


Let’s look at some of the friendly places you can visit with your family while on holiday in Kenya.




Kenya is a habitat of numerous animal species you’d like to see.


Nairobi National Park


Located just 10 km south of Nairobi CBD. It harbors animals such as lions, leopards, elephants, black rhinos and giraffes. A tour through the park will refresh your eyesight a big deal.


Lang’ata Giraffe Centre


The right place to visit if you have ever fantasized hand-feeding a giraffe. Of  course it’s not too late to fantasize now.

This centre was set up in the 70s to cater for young giraffes.


Maasai Mara

 It’s the most popular game reserve in Kenya. It’s located on the escarpments of The Great Rift Valley.

There you’ll meet Africa’s Big Five; The lions, leopards, buffaloes, elephants and rhinos.

Talk of hundreds of wildebeests migration crossing River Mara, a risky journey with many predators on their way.

Hell’s gate. 

It’s also located on the Great Rift Valley, near Lake Naivasha.

Many species of birds are awaiting for you to see them. You will also get an opportunity to hike and adventure through caves, have beautiful views of natural vegetation and streams.


Other Wonderful Destinations


 Nairobi National Museum

 The best place to see and learn about Kenyan culture, history and art.

There is also a snake park in the museum, containing different species of snakes.


Swahili Museum in Lamu

Here you’ll get to learn more about the ancient Swahili culture; it’s interesting history and so much more

Fort Jesus in Mombasa

 Get to see this strategically positioned historical building. It’s architectural design will amaze you.

You will also get to hear about how the slave trade was conducted, see some old weapons and canoes.

The Fort Jesus also gives a great view of the Indian Ocean.


Nairobi Arboretum Grounds

One of the cheapest places to visit. Only Kshs.50 entry. You’ll get an opportunity to do peaceful nature walks, picnics and a good deal of space to play, have fun, fun and fun.

Lake Victoria

 Give yourself the golden opportunity of seeing this great lake shared by three countries; Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

You will also enjoy boat riding and witness how fishermen obtain fish from the lake.

Mount Kenya 

Get to see the highest mountain in Kenya and second highest in Africa. It has an amazing natural scenery. Lots and lots of adventures awaiting you there.


Beachside Resorts

 Mombasa, Malindi, Watamu bay, etc. There are enough of these in the coastal region. You can sail on the Indian ocean, sunbathe, play, just fun.

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Kenya is just a sweetheart when it comes to vacations. Plan and actualize a visit to your place of choice in the country. It will surely be worth it.

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