Mumias Sugar Company Profile and Official Contacts

Mumias Sugar Company is sugar manufacturing company found in the western part of Kenya which produces a large amount of sugar annually.


Mumias Sugar Company was constructed by Fletcher and Stewart simply as a factory.


Before the 70s, Mumias Sugar Company was far less developed until the government ordered a feasibility study done in Mumias area on its capability to produce sugarcane. Having determined its possible, the government supported the farmers in the region and incorporated Mumias Sugar Company to help implement the project. Thereafter, Mumias Sugar Company was heavily supported by the Kenyan government (Held the majority shares of 71%)


Apart from sugar production, the company has now diversified to produce Ethanol, Water and Electric Power alongside sugar. It is likely to increase the number of product it manufactures/produces with time.

The company’s production process entails sugar cane production by the farmers, sugar production, cogeneration and production of Molasses.


The company has been of great essence to its neighboring community in many ways. It has helped the local citizens earn income through sale of sugarcane, has created employment opportunities and generally increased the economic level of Mumias.


The highest management organ of the company is its Board of Directors which is usually comprised of highly qualified and professional individuals  from different career backgrounds.


Official Contacts in Kenya

  • Tel: 020 2712317 / +254 720 140080 / +254 733 600296
  •  Email Address:
  • Fax: +251 412226025
  • Website:
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Mumias Sugar Company is a proud product of Kenyan farmers’ inputs. It still has a lot potential to grow into greaters heights.

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