KNEC: KCPE, KCSE 2018 registration of candidates procedure; Citizens, Private, Non-Citizen fee

The Kenya National Examination Council (KNEC) has provided an updated procedure on how to register KCSE 2018 and KCPE 2018 candidates. The registration process  can be done through the official KNEC portal provided below.  Private and Non-citizen candidates have to pay some fee to register for KCPE 2018 and KCSE 2018 exams but for citizens registration is free (paid by the ministry of education).

KNEC KCPE, KCSE 2018 registration of candidates procedure Citizens, Private, Non-Citizen fee
KNEC KCPE, KCSE 2018 registration of candidates procedure Citizens, Private, Non-Citizen fee/Photo

KCPE, KCSE 2018 registration of candidates (Citizens)


KCSE/KCPE 2018 registration of candidates (Non-Citizens)


Below is the KCPE 2018 and KCSE 2018 registration fee for non-citizen candidates.  The form is to be To be completed in duplicate by heads of institutions. The original form should be forwarded to Kenya National Examinations Council (KNEC) together with other registration documents.

Details to be filled for registration of non-Citizen Candidates for KCPE 2018 and KCSE 2018

  1. Name of School/centre:
  2.  Address:
  3. Centre Number:
  4. Telephone No/land line
  5. Number of Candidates paid for:
  6. Mobile phone No.

Cost per total KCPE/KCSE 2018 subject registration for non-citizens candidates

  • 7 subjects: Ksh. 5,000
  • 8 subjects: Ksh. 5,400
  • 9 subjects: Ksh. 5,800

Cost per subject for registration of  non-citizens candidates for other subjects

  • Home Science 441: Ksh. 200.00
  • Art and Design 442: Ksh.  200.00
  • Agriculture 443 : Ksh.  200.00
  • Woodwork 444: Ksh.  200.00
  • Metal Work 445: Ksh.  200.00
  • Building Construction 446: Ksh.  200.00
  • Power Mechanics 447: Ksh.  500.00
    Electricity 448: Ksh.  500.00
  • Drawing & Design 449: Ksh.  200.00
  • Aviation Technology 450: Ksh.  2,500.00
  • Computer Studies 451: Ksh.  200.00
  • French 501: Ksh.  500.00
  • German 502: Ksh.  500.00
  • Arabic 503: Ksh.  500.00
  • Kenyan Sign Language 504: Ksh.  500.00
  • Music 511: Ksh.  500.00

Download complete forms  from official KNEC website page here: Download

KNEC official contacts

  • Location: National Housing Corporation (NHC) House, Nairobi
  • official Mobile Phone contacts: 0720741001 or 0732333860 (KCSE contact:  0771813972 and  KCPE  contact: 0772069891)
  • KNEC Email:
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