Kenya Medical student’s association statement on ongoing Doctor’s strike

As the Doctors’ Strike in Kenya enters its second month, the medical student’s association of Kenya has issued a press briefing on their take and way forward.

Kenya medical students association

 Medical Students’ Association of Kenya leaders shortly after issuing a press briefing (Photo: From right in Mokaya Onsase, James Mairura and Medical students)


The statement reads;

  • That we medical students are fully supporting the strike because part of the components in the CBA affect them directly..that is research and training of postgraduate students.
  • The CBA is not legally binding because it has not been registered by the labour and relations Court and so the government should not only see it as affecting doctors but even medical students.
  • That we are now forced to declare this semester a dead semester should the doctors strike go beyond February as we shall only have 8 weeks left in a semester which is not sufficient to cover the course work. We have ordered our students to go home till the doctors strike is called off and after an agreement has been reached.
  • We will only be back based on the doctors strike and not lectures strike because we depend more on doctors who also act as our lectures.
  • The move by the government to sack Kenyan doctors and replace them with foreign doctors is a desperate and counterproductive move as some can not teach topics in tropical medicine and that they will not have addressed the issue collectively.
  • The medical students are against the move by the county government that one must apply for an internship job and not posting automatically as it used to be.


Part of the statement is available below and was submitted by  Mokaya Onsase.

kenya medical students statement

Kenya Medical students Press Statement/Image

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