KASNEB brings the top 30 best online libraries to 4,700 of its students in Kenya

KASNEB has partnered with some of the top best online libraries in the world that would  see 4,700 of its students in Kenya access them in the pilot stage. A statement released by Kasneb reads;

Best online libraries in Kenya brought by KASNEB
Best online libraries in Kenya brought by KASNEB. You have to be a kasneb students to use the journals, books, academic papers e.t.c/Photo

We are currently offering access to online learning resources to students on a pilot program. Access will be granted to the first 4,700 on a first come first served basis for the year 2017. If you need access you may apply through the link  http://library.kasneb.or.ke/

One MUST be a current KASNEB student and with annual renewals up-to-date. For assistance and feedback contact library@kasneb.or.ke  

Some of top Academic Libraries  that  KASNEB students will be able to access for free include;

  • ebscohost.com library
  • Ebrary.com library
  • Lelinexis.com library
  • Jstor.org Library
  • Wiley.com online library
  • emeraldinsight.com library
  • elibrary.imf.org  online library
  • springer.com business Library
  • worldbank.org library
  • oed.com library
  • nature.com library
  • liebertpub.com library
  • tandfonline.com online library
  • tandfebooks.com library
  • degruyter.com library
  • hstalks.com online library
  • oecd-ilibrary.org library
  • palgrave.com library for journals
  • annualreviews.org best review articles library
  • cambridge.org best university library
  • pubsonline.informs.org best library for publications
  • iopscience.iop.org best science library
  • lyellcollection.org online library
  • royalsociety.org library
  • pubs.rsc.org library
  • srmo.sagepub.com research library
  • sage-ereference.com best reference library
  • muse library
  • ucpress.edu/journals.php journals library

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