Job Application tips: Ways of how to be a successful job applicant in Kenya

Job Application tips: The following are ways of being a successful job applicant in Kenya

Job Application tip, Ways of how to be a successful job applicant in Kenya

Job Application tip, Ways of how to be a successful job applicant in Kenya


Dress smartly if you are going for an interview


Dress how you are expected to dress. The way you dress on your interview day is important because it portrays how you will be dressing in your work environment. In case you dress poorly, the chances of you failing to succeed in getting that job are very high.

Have a well-written and detailed curriculum vitae

If you must submit a CV, ensure it is well written and detailed. Do not make somebody looking at your CV remain with several unanswered questions that you should simply have answered in your CV.Your CV should clearly state your education background, a brief introduction of who you are, your achievements and contacts of referees.

Have good verbal and non verbal cues during your interview

There are some verbal and non verbal cues that make one successful in getting job. Examples are; maintaining eye contact with interviewers, speaking audibly when responding to questions, using gestures only when necessary and speaking only when asked to speak. You must be careful when speaking with your potential boss.

Do all that is required of you in your job application as stated in the advert

When trying to get a job you must fulfill all conditions of the employer in a job advert. If you are to attend an interview at a certain stated date, attend the interview at the stipulated time and venue .Many people become unsuccessful in getting a job because of being late for an interview and also defying conditions put by the employer in the job advert.

Attach all relevant documents.

If there are documents to be attached ensure that you attach them to your application letter neatly. Examples of documents to be attached are academic certificates as well as identity documents.

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