Inter Public Universities Council Statement on the ongoing lecturers strike

Full statement from Inter public universities councils consultative forum (IPUCCF) urging lecturers to call off strike Pursuant to the Court Orders made by the Employment and Labour Relations Court, Nairobi, on Friday, 16th March, 2018 and Friday, 6th April, 2018, it was noted that the industrial action called by UASU, which commenced on Thursday, 1st March, 2018, is unlawful and unprotected. IPUCCF had to seek the intervention and relief from the Employment and Labour Relations Court since UASU had without any reasonable justification proceeded on an unwarranted strike.

Inter public universities councils consultative forum (IPUCCF) urge lecturers to end ongoing strike
Inter public universities councils consultative forum (IPUCCF) urge lecturers to end ongoing strike/Photo

This notwithstanding, IPUCCF has noted:

  1. That the members of UASU continue to defy the Court Orders to call off the strike and resume work;
  2. That by failing to comply with the Court Orders, Public Universities have not been able to proceed with normal operations;
  3. That the other unions, KUSU and KUDHEIHA, have joined the strike and also called their members into industrial action;
  4. That the industrial actions by UASU, KUSU and KUDHEIHA have negatively impacted the Public Universities, especially the more than 600,000 students who were meant to be enjoying a normal learning environment;
  5. That the Public Universities are yet to totally recover from the 2017 industrial actions that greatly affected learning. Noting that IPUCCF dealt with and successfully concluded issues related to Universities’ staff salaries of the 2013-2017 CBA;
  6. That IPUCCF is deeply concerned about these developments when there has been all indications that there is goodwill from IPUCCF and key Government stakeholders to address the matters in the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) 2017-2021 to ensure successful conclusion.

Consequently, IPUCCF wishes to reiterate that the Unions should immediately call off the industrial action, to provide a conducive environment that will allow for more time for consultations and negotiations by all stakeholders to ensure the fi nalisation of the 2017-2021 CBA.

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Therefore, IPUCCF urges the Management of Public Universities to take stern action on staff in their respective institutions who do not report to duty on Monday 9th April, 2018 as directed by the Employment and Labour Relations Court. Thus, all staff are urged to continue discharging their duties diligently to ensure harmonious industrial relations in public universities

What is IPUCCF?

IPUCCF is a forum for all Chairpersons of Councils of all Public Universities and University Colleges supported by the ViceChancellors and University College Principals. The role of IPUCCF is to deal with matters of employment of the workers in these public institutions of higher learning.

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