How to Install Android Applications Without Using Google Play Store

By default, Android users are required to obtain their applications from the Google Play Store. This is because applications hosted on the store regularly undergo Google safety checks to ensure they are not harmful to devices.

Procedure of Installing Android Applications Without Using Google Play Store

Procedure of Installing Android Applications Without Using Google Play Store/Photo



However, some circumstances bar users from being able to download applications from the store. For instance, you may wish to download an app only to be told it is not available in your region. Another case is when your Google account has errors, or you don’t have one altogether and don’t want to sign up, for whatever reasons.

The most common reason why most are not be able to download and install apps directly from Play Store is low memory. Usually, Play Store won’t allow installation once your device’s storage space gets somewhere below about 200MB.

To go around this hindrance follow the procedure below;

Installing Android App Without Using Google Play Store

Insufficient storage android message

Insufficient storage android message/Photo

  1. Just open your browser and type the name of the application you wish to download to your smartphone. Be sure to add ‘apk’ (Learn what it is) in front of the name. Multiple links to websites hosting android applications will come up.
  2. Open the website of your choice and look for the download link and initiate the download. Most mobile browsers will prompt you to open the file once the download is complete. If yours does not. Open the download folder and choose “install.”
  3. Your phone will bar installation if you have not set it to allow apps from unknown sources. To fix this, open the settings menu, choose the security sub-menu and toggle on the “unknown sources’’ option.
  4. Once installation is complete you can delete the apk file you downloaded to save space.

NOTICE: Downloading apk’s outside Play Store is a gamble and you may end up with harmful apps on your phone as safety is not guaranteed. Only obtain apps from popular websites known to host safe apps. Here are a few:

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About Android

Android is a mobile operating system owned by Google. It is designed to work on smartphone. Android offices are located in Google’s headquarters in Mountain View, California, US. Below are its contacts details;

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