IEBC Commissioners Disown Disowning Press Release

The drama brewing among the IEBC top brass ascended to epic levels yesterday evening when two commissioners denied taking part in authoring a statement disowning Chebukati’s fiery memo to Chiloba. In the press release titled “CLARIFICATION ON ALLEGED MEMO FROM THE COMMISION, the commissioners state:

Our attention has been drawn to media reports on alleged 12 issues on the just concluded General Election. The issues are captured in a memo allegedly written by the Chairman, Mr. Wafula Chebukati to the CS/CEO, Mr. Ezra Chiloba.

We wish to clarify that the contents of the said memo were not discussed and sanctioned by the Commission Plenary. The commissioners came to know of the memo through the media like everyone else.

A quick perusal of the memo shows that the allegations are based on some report or information that has not been brought to the attention of the Commission. Most of the issues raised are not factual and could easily mislead if taken out of context. However, the Secretariat is reviewing the issues and will prepare responses to be presented the Commission Plenary.

We wish to reassure the country that the Commission is in the process of preparing for a fresh presidential election to be held on 17th October 2017. Our commitment is to ensure that a credible process is held in line with the principles enunciated by the Supreme Court in its brief judgment. We invite all Kenyans to stand by the Commission as it carries out its mandate.

The press release’s alleged signatories are:

Vice Chairperson Consolata Nkatha Maina

Commissioner Prof. Yakub Guliye

Commissioner Amb. Paul Kurgat

Commissioner Boya Molu

Commissioner Magret Mwachanya.

Nonetheless, commissioners Paul Kurgat and Magret Mwachanya came out to deny involvement in the authorship and/or endorsement of the document. Mr. Kurgat earlier on said that he was in a meeting with a clergy member when the document was authored and so could not have contributed or endorsed its authorship. In a surprising turn of events, he later disowned disowning the press release.

On her part, Magret Mwachanya released a statement that read in part, “I am NOT among the authors of the purported document. Neither the hatcher of the idea.”

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Interestingly, the press release did not have the official IEBC letterhead, a standard in official correspondence. This blatant discrepancy raised questions of its authenticity, leading to speculation that the commissioners are being arm twisted by a higher force.

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