How to pass Chemistry KCSE Exams in Kenya and past papers

For you to pass your chemistry exams in KCSE, you need to get conversant with your laboratory equipment, grasp the concepts and the different formulas for certain topics. Chemistry is not a difficult subject to pass, the right approach to passing your chemistry exams is to keenly do your review.

tips on how to pass KCSE chemistry exams, pdf past papers and  chem practical
Tips on how to pass KCSE chemistry exams and where to download KNEC pdf past papers with answers/Photo of Chem practical Revision Paper


List of tips to help you pass KCSE Chemistry exams


  • When reviewing, identify your weak areas, note them down and start tackling them one after the other. Ensure that you do multiple reviewing on those topics until you`re able to tackle any question that comes your way.
  • Start reviewing early for your chemistry exams. KCSE will test all the topics and theories you`ve encountered since form one. So allocate ample time to tackle everything keenly.
  • Make inquiries as much as you need to. Do not shy away from asking for help with anything challenging that you encounter while doing your revision. Remaining with unanswered questions poses a risk of you not performing well in your KCSE.
  • Use different materials for your review process. Do not just rely on just one source. Use text books, revision books, and encyclopaedias to learn and prepare for everything you need to pass you’re your examination.
  • After each review, try and test yourself regularly. Tests help you identify the areas where you need to concentrate more on and the areas where you have improved on.
  • Search for chemistry past papers from previous years and review with them. They`ll help you understand how KCSE examination questions are structured and how you are expected to give your answers.
  • Acquaint yourself with laboratory equipment, starting with the introduction you went through when you joined form That way, you won`t encounter any difficulties during your exams.
  • For the chemistry practical exam, ensure you go through all the practical keynotes. Understand each procedure step by step by step. Also get conversant with all the formulas.

KCSE Chemistry Past Papers

You can download pdf KCSE Chemistry past papers from

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In conclusion, chemistry KCSE examination is not difficult. It`s not something to that you should dread, rather you should approach it with an open mind and a positive attitude. And with that, you are assured nothing short of success.

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