How to market your startup in Kenya for free and achieve success (Digital and offline)

This article guides you on how to market your start up in Kenya  for free and achieve success. More focus here is given to Digital Marketing.

marketing your startup in kenya and achieve success
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 3 ways your can market your startup online in Kenya for free

Below is a list of three approaches you can use in Kenya to market your startup for free. You can checkout some of the best startups in Kenya.

  1. Social Media Startup Marketing in Kenya

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter provide a good platform for marketing your newly founded business in Kenya. This however requires a lot of consistency and understanding of your target market.

When using social media as form of marketing you should consider;

  • Identifying Target Market
  • Marketing in Groups and pages where your target market is
  • Know your goal (Do your need conversions or brand awareness

You can also read about the Leading Facebook groups to market your products, services and business online in Kenya.

  1. Offline marketing (word of mouth)

It is vital that you consider offline marketing commonly known as word of mouth. This include sharing your idea to colleagues, friends, and family members. Be sure also to take advantage of social events sponsorship to market your startup.

  1. Affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves marketing your product or services through individuals who earn commissions with every sale made. This technique has been employed by a number of successful Kenyan companies for instance Jumia and

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