How to Certify Exam Results: KCPE, KCSE Certificate Certification Procedure, forms

Some companies require employees to produce certified exam certificates or slips before being hired. Get KNEC forms and a procedure on how to certify your KCSE or KCPE certificates. The Certification process is done by the Kenya Nation Examination Council (KNEC). Below is a step by step procedure on how to go about it.

KNEC exams results certification and forms download
KNEC exams results certification procedure and where to download forms/Photo

Cost of Exam results certification in Kenya

The fees required for issuance of examinations results certification is KES 5220 inclusive of VAT per examination results certification.

The fees should be paid at the KNEC collection accounts in the following banks:

  • Equity Bank
  • National Bank of Kenya
  • Co-operative Bank of Kenya
  • Kenya Commercial Bank

NOTE: KNEC bank deposit slips are available in these banks. General bank deposit slips are not acceptable

Requirement of KCPE, KCSE exam certificate certification in Kenya

  • The applicant will be required to submit one color passport size photograph.
  • Applicants are advised NOT to make any payment before their documents are verified by KNEC.
  • The examination results certification letter once issued is NOT replaceable.
  • KNEC does NOT accept Cheques/Money orders/Postal orders.
  • Processing of the examination results certification takes sixty (60) working days.
  • For Post School Examinations (Business, Technical & Teacher) all the copies of result slips for all the modules/Parts for modular courses sat MUST be attached.
  • One MUST prove that their certificates are lost/destroyed before applying for an examinations results certification.
  • Examination results certification should be collected in person by the owner upon presentation of the original National Identity Card/Passport. Minors should be accompanied by one of the parents /official guardians with their original National Identity Card and original birth certificate of the minor.
  • Examination results certification that will NOT have been collected within TWO (2) years from the date of application will be disposed of without further communication and NO refund shall be given.
  • Incomplete application forms will be declined.
  • Applicants who do NOT meet the requirements for issuance of examination results certification but have paid shall be refunded the money upon presentation of all original bank slips. The bank slips must be presented within twelve (12) months from date of deposit.
  • Bank slips presented after the twelve (12) months from the date of banking will NOT BE ACCEPTED and there will be NO REFUND
  • The Names on the National ID/Passport/Birth certificate MUST match with those used during the examination. Applicants who have changed their names legally MUST attach the legal documents used to change the name. E.g. marriage certificate for women or a copy of Kenya gazette in which the changed name appears. (Original) NOTE: Sworn Affidavits are NOT acceptable
  • A Confirmation from the registrar of persons on the identity of the applicant MUST be obtained and submitted to KNEC at the point of application (Original)
  • Applications with differing examination details will be declined.

Personal Details to be filled for Exam Certification In Kenya

  • Name of applicant
  • School/College/Examination Centre Name
  • Name of examination and  Year
  • Full index number
  • National ID /Passport Number or Birth certificate for those under 18 yrs
  • Applicant’s Address
  • Mobile No
  • E-mail address

Official Documents required for exam certification by KNEC

  • Copy of certificate(s) or Result slip(s). Result slips are applicable for all examinations except CPE & KCPE up to year 2012: (KCPE result slips from year 2013 printed from the KNEC website/system are acceptable) (mandatory).
  • Letter of recommendation addressed to CEO, KNEC from the head teacher of school attended or from CDE/SCDE for private candidates and for candidates whose schools have closed down/changed status. (Original) [mandatory)
  • Sworn legal affidavit on certificate loss; (Original) (mandatory)
  • Letter of recommendation addressed to KNEC from employer where applicable; (Original)
  • Police Abstract indicating loss of certificate (s); (Original) (Mandatory)
  • A confirmation from the Registrar of persons on the identity of the applicant; (Original) (Mandatory)
  • Copy of National ID/Passport or Birth certificate for those under 18 years. (The birth certificate to be accompanied by copy National Identity card for at least one of the parent) (Mandatory)
  • KNEC Bank Deposit slips: Submit the original computer generated bank slips together with the handwritten copy. (Original)
  • One color passport size photograph.

Forms for Certification of Exam Results

Forms for certification of KNEC exams result can be downloaded from the official KNEC website provided below

KNEC official Contacts

  • office location: National Housing Corporation Building, Aga Khan Walk
  • Mobile phone: 0720741001 or 0732333860
  • Email:
  • Website:
  • Facebook: Exams Council
  • Twitter:  Exams Council
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