How to become a CEO: Professional and study requirements

This post shares briefly on what it takes to become a CEO and the journey you have to travel to get there.


The first thing you should ask yourself is, what are the functions of a CEO? CEO is in an abbreviation of chief executive officer. There are many responsibilities that a CEO plays in a company but generally the CEO is in charge of an organization’s departments and directs their operations. He is the highest ranking person in an organization.


 Steps to becoming a CEO

1. Education

In order to become a CEO you must have completed at least an undergraduate degree. However, most CEOs have completed their MBA graduate degree.

2. Finance

For a company to run effectively there must be good management of its finances. Therefore, in order to be a CEO you must have some knowledge in finance.  Having financial knowledge will help you in making wise decisions in relations to finance.

3. Have connections

While in your studies ensure that you attend seminars, networking events, volunteer programs and business training programs.  In this contemporary world, the success of any person depends on the number of people behind him or her

4. Experience

Start own small business, be a leader in your campus organization.

5. Fluency

Always learn some basic English speaking skills. Most people will judge you according to the way you speak.

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