How to apply for Mpesa Short Term Paybill Number Online for Fundraising

Safaricom has launched an online portal that will allow Kenyans to apply for short term paybill number for raising emergency funds and contributions. Below is how to get it.

Guide on How to apply for Mpesa Short Term Paybill Number Online for fundraising
Guide on How to apply for Mpesa Short Term Paybill Number Online for fundraising for Wedding, Funeral, School Fees e.t.c/Photo by Safaricom

What is Mpesa Short Term Paybill Number?

A short term mpesa paybill number  allows you to fundraise funds for short term needs like Funerals, Weddings, School Fees, Medical bull, Charity e.t.c You will be required to provide documentations to justify why you are fundraising.  We have provided the documentations needed below this article.

How long does Short Term Paybill Number Last?

The paybill number will only be allowed to be used for a maximum period of 6 months. Once the Short Term Paybill is deactivated, you only be able to withdraw the funds (where available) using short code *234*4# to the bank account you had provided during the opening of the paybill number. You cannot send money to an expired paybill.

How long does it take to get Short Term Paybill Number?

After you have applied and submitted the required documentation through the procedure provided below, processing and issuance of the short term Paybill will be done within 24 hours.

Are there charges in registration of Short Term Paybill?

NO, Registration is free of charge. Customer will be charged when making payments to the till

How can I withdraw money from Paybill Number

To check balance or withdraw money from your short term paybill, dial *234*4# using the mobile you nominated to be used and follow the prompts.

List of Documents required to apply short term paybill

Below are some of the required documents;

Medical Fundraising

  • Certified documents (Hospital admission form)
  • Copy of ID of Applicant
  • If child, attach birth certificate or affidavit
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque

Education Fundraising

  • Copy of ID of Applicant
  • School admission letter
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque

Funeral or Burial Fundraising

  • Copy of burial permit or death certificate
  • Copy of ID of Applicant
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque

Wedding Fundraising

  • Copy of ID for the couple
  • Letter from couple incase it’s a traditional wedding
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque
  • Letter from the church or institution wedding the couple

Charity or Catastrophe Fundraising

  • Cover letter from committee signed by two authorized signatories stating purpose of the account
  • Letter  or Email from bank showing account has been set up for intended purpose
  • Letter from the bank or cancelled cheque

How to apply for Short Term Mpesa Paybill Number

The step by step procedure is as follows;

  1. Visit: Application Portal
  2. Select Short Term Paybill
  3. Select reason you are applying (Medical, Education, Funeral, Wedding, Charity or Catastrophe)
  4. Ensure you have the Provided Required Documents and Click Apply
  5. Fill in the form
  6. Your Details will be verified
  7. Upload the Required attachments
  8. Complete the application
Safaricom website where to get mpesa short term paybill number
Safaricom website where to get mpesa short term paybill number/Photo of Portal Screenshot

Login after 24 or 48 hours using the provided phone number to check whether it has been approved or rejected.

Points to Notes about the Application

  • You can provide passport number if you don’t have ID
  • You must have a valid email address
  • You must have an active bank account

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