How to Host a House Party on a Budget

Ideas of throwing a house party at a cheaper cost: Baby showers, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, there is no shortage of reasons to make merry. That said, not all of us have the financial muscle to throw those humongous parties fit for a Hollywood scene.

Nonetheless, that should not stop you from celebrating a momentous occasion in your life. You only need to get a few basics to get the party going without breaking the bank. Here are a few suggestions.


Ideas of throwing a house party at a cheaper cost

Ideas of throwing a house party at a cheaper cost

  • Prioritise

Allocate a large chunk of your budget to things you feel are most important for the party and are not substitutable. In most cases these should be décor, food and drinks.

  • Cheaper Substitutes

For every expensive item there’s got to be a cheaper alternative. For instance, instead of doing card invitations, you can opt to leverage on the power of social media. Spread the word through WhatsApp, Facebook or even email.

  • Innovate

Talking of cheaper alternatives, some items to use in the party can be scrapped up through simple DIY projects. For instance, you can create some decoration items and accessorize them with a few professional ones.

The internet is not short of DIY websites where you can teach yourself to make some items.

  • Trim Guest List

A party should be a special social occasion where the host and invitees need to feel and recognize significance of the event. Some guests who tag along to parties do not really care about the occasion’s significance and are only after food and drink.

When you don’t have enough of that, you will certainly need to cut out on joyriders. Where applicable, cap the number of friends an invitee can tag along.

  • Serve Cheap Food

We all would want to serve guests with boxes of pizza and expensive wine to make a statement. However, we need to recognize and respect the fact that all animals are not equal.

Get cheap eats in plenty and hire someone who can whip up a mouth-watering dish from a mundane recipe.

  • DIY Entertainment

The cost of hiring a DJ can easily feed a whole other set of guests. Get a good sound system (borrow if you don’t have one) and play a pre-selected playlist from your phone or thumb drive.

You can also enlist the services of that ‘upcoming DJ’ in the family. Most young people are savvy with virtual DJ software. Let them pre-freestyle for you though, we don’t want nasty surprises, do we?

Happy hosting!

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