6 Helpful DIY Websites for Students

The life of a student is one of many wants with so little to spend. What most do not know is that you can get what you need at a fraction of the cost you would incur to purchase it from a store. All you need are a few handy skills and the right tools. You can also make a few coins from selling your projects in campus. Here are some popular Do It Yourself (DIY) websites where you can gain invaluable skills to make things by yourself.




Perhaps the most popular of all DIY websites, WikiHow contains DIY articles on virtually all topics you can think of. Be it laptop repair or cooking tips, you are sure to find it all on WikiHow. Guides on the website are also illustrate, making them easy to follow.


The website is one stop shop for virtually all DIY subjects. Be it carpentry, pottery, tailoring or gardening, Instructables has it all. The website features a classes section where one can interact with teachers and learn projects that require more than a casual read. It also has forums where members can share ideas.

Do It Yourself

This website covers a wide array of projects, ranging from decor to electronics and electricals. It has forums where users can interact with pros and gain useful tips. The website also features a product reviews page where uses can air user-experience of products.


Techies and tech junkies will find this website most useful. Be it on the Internet of Things or robots, tech innovators and creators will find Make to be the second home they never knew. The website not only features DIY projects but also guides on buying technological gadgets.

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Doing your own projects is fun when everything is going well until it is not. While most DIY websites will tell you what to do, most forget a vital aspect; what not to do. This is where DIYnot comes in handy. The website is home to various DIY topics with focus on what mistakes to avoid. It also has forums, wikis (for user contributes articles), and a shop where visitors can browse for DIY products.

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