Genuine ways of how to make money online in Kenya in 2019

Learn how to get started with making money online in Kenya in 2019. This guide is suitable for students looking for part time online jobs in Kenya.

Genuine ways of how to make money online in Kenya in 2018
best ways of how to make money online in Kenya in 2019/Photos of great bloggers Darren Rowse and Pat Flynn who educate on making a living in the internet.


Ways of How to make money online in Kenya

We are going to deal with the following best ways of making a living online in Kenya;

  • Blogging
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Youtube
  • freelancing
  • Forex Trading (explained in detail in another post)
  • Website Flipping (to be explained later)

Making Money through blogging in kenya

A blog is website that is created mainly for engaging with other people on the internet. Blogging is increasingly becoming a popular war of making money online in Kenya. Once you have created a blog with content, there are many ways you can earn from it. For example, you can sell your products or services e.g. selling ebooks or course materials, earn by advertising content in your blog with Google AdSense, and earn commission by promoting other people’s products (affiliate Marketing). There is an amazing ebook on how start and blog and make money out of it in Kenya in this page (Visit it)

Earn through Affiliate marketing in Kenya

As an affiliate marketer, you can make lots of money through acting as a business associate of other websites or in social media. The more clients you introduce to a websites products or services; the more commission you earn. If you have a blog, you get to earn for the clients that you introduce to a website via your blog. Some of the best websites to make money online in Kenya through affiliate marketing include

  1. Jumia affiliate
  2. Kilimall affiliate
  3. Muthurwa affiliate.

PS: Apart from earning through affiliate program, Muthurwa Marketplace is one of those sites in Kenya where you can sell literally anything and make  a living out of it.  The website pays through mpesa.

Making Money online in kenya through affiliate program and get paid through mpesa
Making Money online in Kenya through affiliate program and get paid through mpesa/Photo by

Freelancing in Kenya

You might have heard of the term freelancing and maybe what popped into your mind was article writing or academic writing. Well, freelancing is a wide concept and it involves a variety of activities that one can involve in online. Some of these other activities include programming, editing videos, transcription, translation, interpreting texts tutoring, creating logos, virtual assistance tasks and many more.  Some of the websites that you can make money online in Kenya through freelancing include;

  1. Upwork
  2. Freelancer
  3. Peopleperhour
  4. Fiverr

Making Money with Youtube Videos in Kenya

You can also make money online by creating a YouTube channel and monetizing it. Once you upload videos on your YouTube channel, you get to earn when viewers click on the ads in your videos or watch them for at least 30 seconds. Vloggers like Marques Brownlee make millions of money through youtube. Learn how to be a vlogger.

Other Ways you can make a living online in Kenya in 2019

  1. Surveys

  2. Referrals

  3. Social Media Marketing (Twitter, Instagram and Facebook)

  4. Forex Trading

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