Form four leaver things to do before joining College, University

Have you finished high school and you have no idea what to do as you wait to join college or university. Below is a guide on some of the the things form leavers can do before joining campus.

Form four leaver things to do before joining College, University
Form four leaver things to do before joining College, University/Photo




There are many humanitarian non-governmental organizations that someone can join. These organizations give a chance to the general public to give assistance when it is needed. Assistance is not only given to widows, orphans and street children, it is also given when accidents and natural tragedies occur. Some of them give their members tokens of appreciation for volunteering while others do not. As a form four leaver, it is a great opportunity to give a helping hand and in this manner you will not only utilize time well but you will also help others in the society.

Go for driving lessons

After finishing your high school education, it is time to get more skills apart from the classroom knowledge. After completing your course, a license is given which you will always need before hitting the road as a driver. The schools charge very affordable fees which can easily be paid.

Find a job

You can get a job to do while you wait to join college. There are many job opportunities that no work experience and training is required. Those are the jobs you can try to apply and you never know, you might be successful. The salary attained can be used for college pocket money, fees and other necessary basic necessities

Attend seminars/conferences

Some companies organize seminars for the public to attend. They make advertisements on social media and in newspapers. You can also be lucky and get a seminar that is related to the career you want to pursue in college

Go for computer lessons

If you are not good at using computers, it is good to find somebody who can teach you how to use them. By doing so, you will get used to using them and after joining college you will not have a rough time in using a computer to access what you will need.

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