Faux locs in Kenya: Styling, best for, price and where to buy

Faux locs are the latest and most elegant versions of secondary dreadlocks in Kenya. They give one the privilege to pull off that outstanding primary natural dreadlocks look without necessarily having to go through the stressful nurturing process. These type of locsĀ  are extremely popular among youthful women and the mature working class women. They look like natural dreadlocks and cannot be easily distinguished.

Faux locs hairstyle, Styling, best for, price and where to buy

Faux locs hairstyle, Styling, best for, price and where to buy/Photo



There are various beautiful styles of faux locs one can try out.The bottom line is to hook up with a real professional who will help you achieve that perfect mimicked look. All you will need is to purchase the locs of your choice from local retail outlets and getting them fixed. Your hair has to be natural to achieve that firm hold. Remember the locs can either be long or short depending on your preference. The longer they are, the higher the price.


They also come in different colours and texture. You can decide to have the straightened-out ones; an awesome choice for an office look or wavey ones for outdoor functions. Remember to carefully select the colours as well. Cool colours are more favorable for official functions while outspoken ones can lit up an outdoor informal gathering.


If you want to achieve a fancy look, then you could combine the faux locs with a side head haircut and hold the locs to the middle. You could even play around with colors and combine two to three of them. However you have to be careful not to overdo it and spoil the whole look. The idea should be to work with similar colours.

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