Box braids in Kenya: Styling, best for, price and where to buy (Short, Medium, Long)

Box braids are a classy variations of braids in Kenya. These types of braids have been embraced by Kenyans over the years and doesn’t seem to lose value anytime soon. They are worn by both young and older women in rural and urban areas due to their versatility. Medium Box braids are occasionally used by men. They are also low key with easy maintenance hence an easy choice for those tight on their budget.

Short, Medium, Long Box braids in Kenya, Styling, best for, price and where to buy

Short, Medium, Long Box braids in Kenya, Styling, best for, price and where to buy/Photo by sistawigs


The braids can be accomplished using different types of braids and their cost varies on the number of braids needed to achieve a given style. The more braids needed, the higher the cost. Both natural and slightly relaxed hair can pull it off and the braids can be worn for a longer period as compared to conrows. In either case, one should be careful not to have them for too long least they risk having hair lose. However, one should seek the services of a qualified stylist who can ensure they achieve that simple but elegant look.


With this kind of braids, the outcome really depends on the styling hence the need to get creative depending on whatever occasion one has in mind. Both the center bun and ponytail give that appealing organized office look. On the other hand, the half-held, half-loose topknot style give that cocktail/evening look. If you are planning for an adventurous sophisticated look, then you could pull off the side-swept strades or the beautiful long-flows. For that edgy and funky look, the center-parted and the undercut braid styles come out perfectly.


The list is actually long and endless, the secret is to pick what works for you and run with it. Remember what looks good on someone else will not necessarily work for you. So if your stylist says no, understand. After all their sole aim is to make you look and feel good on both the inside and outside.

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