How to decorate your hostel in campus

With a little effort and creativity, your hostel can turn from the normal disorganized student hostel to a nice and cozy room. Here is a simple guide s that will help you beatify your hostel no matter how small or big it may be.



Hiding unnecessary materials is key in giving your hostel that good look. When you run out of space in your room (if it’s a small one) there is always space in the closets under the bed. Yes that’s right, under the bed. Here you can put the things you rarely use in the room. Shoes, your suitcases and bags amongst other things. This will help you eliminate unnecessary things around the room. Don’t forget to hide everything underneath with a nice, clean bedsheet.


When it comes to the study table, always make sure it is well organized and clean. A messy study desk may not be inspiring at all keep all things that should be in the study table within each and the unwanted materials away from the study table. This also applies to the shelves in your room. Also remember to include a nice and comfortable chair along with the study table.

Most hostel walls are a disaster some are just not in good condition and others have lousy graffiti in them. Having a nice piece of artwork or wallpaper hanging on your wall will transform your hostel view and make it appealing. You can also include mats, rugs or a carpet on the floor to add to the vibrancy of your hostel. Remember to take color into consideration when making these adjustment. Don’t clash colors in your hostel.

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