Death of Ivy Wangechi, Moi University student (What We Know So Far)

Moi University 6th year medical student Ivy Wangechi was today hacked to death by a man, Naftali Kinuthia , who is said to be his Boyfriend .

Death of Ivy Wangechi, Moi University student
Photo of Ivy Wangechi, Moi University student who was killed today outside Moi Referral Hospital/Photo

How Ivy Wangechi was killed

Witnesses says that Naftali Kinuthia  believed to be Ivy Wangechi’s boyfriend traced her to The Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital where  she was doing her school practicals and enticed her to come out. He then pulled out an axe from a sack, hit her on the head. He then slit her throat with a knife leading to the immediate death of Ivy Wangechi.

He tried to escape but was hunted by boda boda operators, caught and mobbed up.

State of Naftali Kinuthia  

Naftali Kinuthia  is currently hospitalized at Moi Teaching and referral hospital with severe head injuries after being mobbed up by Boda Boda operators.

Cause of Murder

(Updated 11TH April 2019): The DCI interviewed Naftali Kinuthia who is hospitalized at MTRH On why he decided to kill Ivy and he revealed that it is was all because of love disappointments.

Naftali Kinuthia told DIC that he had been sending money to Ivy and always visited her at Campus in Eldoret. However, Ivy reached a point where he refused to pick her calls and even refused to meet him when he came to Eldoret to address the differences they had. He reveals that he did not travel from Thika with the Axe but bought and sharpened it in Eldoret after being angered by Ivy’s refusal to pick her calls.

Therefore his uncontrolled anger led him to murdering Ivy.

Ivy’s parents revealed that the two have been friends since childhood. He had been visiting their home since their childhood days.

Naftali’s mother acknowledges that the two have been close for a while but had developed differences however she was shocked to learn that her son could commit such a heinous act.

Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital statement on the incidence

Update 1: We regret to announce that one of our students was this morning attacked and fatally wounded by an assailant on the walkway outside the hospital. A terrible day for all of us here at Moi University and
Moi Teaching and Referral Hospital We stand with her family and friends in this time of grief……

Update 2: We condemn the heinous crime of murder of a Moi University Medical Student that happened this morning on Nandi Road, between the School of Medicine Medical Education Centre and MTRH MRI Centre.

“The attack was so vicious and callous, the student died at the scene of crime.”

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