How to deal with blackmail at the work place

Most people would attest that their work places are basically their second homes. As a matter of fact, most spend more time in the office than their houses.Therefore,it could turn out to be tragic if a misunderstanding at the work place turns into blackmail of any form.It is not only emotionally draining ,but also overwhelming more especially if you have to encounter the same person all the time. Here is how to deal with such a situation;


It’s not your fault

Let it sink into you that whatever is happening is not your fault but rather it’s the other individual’s fault for stooping so low. It doesn’t matter what led to the situation at hand, refuse to be emotionally blackmailed into believing so.

Speak to someone

Talk to someone and let it out. There must be that one person you can trust.It’s not only therapeutic,but will also open door for possible solutions. The other person maybe able to advise you on possible ways of tackling the issue. It will also let the blackmailer know you are not alone. That you have people who can stand up for you.

Gather evidence

Blackmailers are well organized people. While some may reveal themselves, others hide behind fake social media accounts and mysterious activities. Whichever the case, work on getting as much evidence as possible that could incriminate them. Have someone help you corner them.

Report the relevant authorities

If things seem to get out of hand, then it’s time to report to the relevant authorities ar the work place. If the issue involves the same said authorities, then you can report to your County labour offices.

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The main point is that;never should you accept blackmail as part of life, it is simply not.

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