Curriculum Design in Kenya: Pp1 (Pre Primary One) and Pp2 (Pre Primary two) Summary

PP (Pre-primary) curriculum design has been developed to embrace the competence based learning approach as stipulated in the basic education curriculum frame-work (BECF). The CBC curriculum design is available in two volumes which cater for children at the pre-primary level in the country. It has been divided into two levels; PP1 (pre-primary 1) for children aged four years and PP2 (pre-primary 2) for children aged five years.

new Curriculum Design in Kenya for Pp1 (Pre Primary One) and Pp2 (Pre Primary two) Summary
Understanding the new Curriculum Design in Kenya for Pp1 (Pre Primary One) and Pp2 (Pre Primary two) /Photo


Pre-primary curriculum covers the following learning areas:

  • Language
  • Mathematical
  • Environmental
  • Psychomotor and Creative
  • Religious Education activity areas

pp1 and pp2 Learning outcomes

Each learning activity area has both the general and specific learning outcomes clearly stipulated. The learning experiences and the key inquiry questions have also been provided specifically to give guidance to the users during the curriculum delivery process.

The curriculum has clearly identified core competences to be acquired by learners as they engage in activities in different learning areas. These core competences include:

  1. communication and collaboration
  2. critical thinking and problem solving
  3. imagination and creativity
  4. citizenship
  5. digital literacy
  6. learning to learn and self-efficacy.

Addressing the changing needs of the society through education

Pertinent and contemporary issues (PCIs) have been integrated into the curriculum design to prepare learners for the ever-changing society specifically in order to address the changing needs of the society and ensure the learner’s safety. These include;

  • Life skills development through storytelling
  • Living values
  • moral values
  • social responsibility

Suggested Time Allocation for Learning Activity Areas Per Week


1. Language Activities 5
2. Mathematical Activities 5
3. Environmental Activities 5
4. Psychomotor and Creative Activities 8
5. Religious Education Activities 1
6. Pastoral Programmes of Instruction (PPI) 1
Total 25



  1. The time allocated for each activity area is 30 minutes.
  2. There should 5 lessons for psychomotor activities (Outdoor) at least each day. The other three lessons under psychomotor and creative activities are shared among Music, Art and C


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