Book Review: Green Collar Economy by Van Jones

Van Jones’ book Green Collar Economy focuses on human consequences. The book gives an analysis on how green jobs help to improve the environment. Jones uses Hurricane Katrina as an example to remind people on the how national infrastructure is neglected which leads global warming. The book also provides a wake up call to the green movement which seems to have been disregarded by the government



Jones argues that even though many books have been written about conservation of the environment, the gains of fighting the catastrophe will not be realized without involving people who are affected by climate. I agree with Jones’ argument because there is no need of investing a lot of money into solving a problem without taking into consideration of the people causing the problem. It is vital to build a wide-ranging union of beltway labor unions, environmental groups, church groups, scholars and social justice advocates to overcome resistance to a new green economy.


Jones also focuses on discussing about the human efforts needed to make our environment green which is more practical than other environmentalist groups that focus on using non-governmental organization to make our environment green. From my perspective, Jones argument seems ideal as his writings match the technological, the logical and political force needed for a green change with sheer combined manpower of poor rural, urban, and minority citizens.


As Jones explains in his book, people will have to install, construct, and maintain the wind farms, solar panels, and smart energy networks of the future. If the environmentally friendly movement gets it right now, then it is possible to solve the universal problems of rising poverty, social injustice, and global climate transformation with one united and comprehensive coalition.


I am also in agreement with Jones’s argument that green-collar jobs will be one of the best moves that will help in fighting the two biggest problems facing most people in this era. The two problems which Jones mentions are environmental crisis and poverty. Green Collar Economy answers the question of how the environmentalism assists in alleviating poverty. The book indicates that by directly engaging low-income communities in weatherizing and solarizing of people, will not only help them gain from thousands of non-exportable jobs from the developing green economy, but they will represent the crucial force sorely required to turn America’s environmental wave.

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I agree with Jones’ argument that in order for America to solve the issue of global problem, it needs to involve all levels of societies. I liked it that Jones acknowledged that some of the minds which can solve America’s toughest problems are isolated in rural communities. The pulling of such people in, as innovators will be more dynamic to save the earth.

I liked Jones’ outline of the vital roles that government, free enterprise and investment will play in bringing up a green economy which will also uphold or promote social equality. Jones tried as much as possible to talk about all groups in his writings of the struggle towards a green economy.

What I disagree with the 175 pages of Jones’ book is that the title is exceedingly misleading. The book focuses around two problems, the declining American economy, and the environment. Jones provides a solution to the two problem as developing green collar jobs and the production built around it. Unfortunately Jones did not write on how to apply the two solutions to the stated problems.


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