Best Websites to buy Laptops in Kenya: Nairobi’s computer shop places for students

Looking for the best place or website to buy laptops in Kenya? We’ve got you covered. This article looks into some of the best online retail stores located in Nairobi where  you can shop for a computer of your choice and have it delivered to your county or home within 24 hours. All you need is to have specifications of the PC or notebook your  want then visit any of the eCommerce websites listed below.

Some of the best Websites to buy Laptop in Nairobi, Kenya; computer shop places
Some of the best Websites to buy Laptop in Nairobi, Kenya; computer shop places/Photo

Jumia Laptop Shop

Jumia Kenya is a very reliable website for shopping online. Amongst many other many items it deals with, Jumia Kenya is an awesome site to buy laptops or computers at large. Talk of Dell, HP, Lenovo, Inspiron. Macbook Pro and many other brands. Most of its laptops are usually brand new which implies that they come with  original operating system installed in them. Photos of these computers are usually displayed alongside their specifications on their website.

Jumia offers discounts once in a while and you can create an account with them as a client.

PC world Nairobi

 Pcworld sells many different types of laptops and computer accessories, including brand new ones.

Deliveries within Nairobi are made free of charge.

Their prices are affordable, they have customer friendly staff. Their services are therefore efficient and reliable.

Kilimall Laptop store

Kilimall sells a variety of laptops at affordable prices. Most of its computers and product in general are imported from China so be sure to check delivery time before buying.


 Laptop Kenya entered the pc selling market in 2015. It offers quick delivery within Nairobi.  Its biggest clients  are college and university students. They offer the cheapest rate in the market (UPDATE: Laptopkenya closed shop).

Laptop Kenya  is the top supplier of computers to students in Nairobi
Laptop Kenya is the top supplier of computers to students in Nairobi/Photo

Pigiame Computers

 The Pigiame website gives chance to different sellers to sell their respective items. Among these are laptops and computers. Most of their prices are relatively affordable and the site maintainers do their best to identify fraud as early as possible. If you happen to see computer of your preferred specs posted there, don’t hesitate.

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