Best time to visit Kenya, where to tour, and weather conditions

If you have been considering having a safari getaway to Africa, then you should definitely consider visiting Kenya. Being one of the fastest growing economy  in East Africa  and Africa at large, you wouldn’t  want to miss out on the beautiful  sceneries it has to offer. Maasai Mara being among the those destinations that you should tour.

some of the best time to visit Kenya, where to tour, and weather conditions in kenya

some of the best time to visit Kenya, where to tour, and weather conditions in Kenya/Photo



Kenya is an awesome destination with friendly and welcoming people. On the most part of year, Kenya has great weather  conditions that can allow  you to move with ease. However, during high peek seasons which normally comes around April, August  and December, most holiday destinations receive an overwhelming  number of both local and foreign  tourists. So if you don’t  like moving in a crowd  and love your space and quietness, it’s  advisable  to travel over off peek months. This are the months when you will also be able to get brilliant accommodation  offers on the cheaper  side. The months of February, March, June, July, September, October and November make good, affordable and less hectic touring  time. Be ready for a little rain here and there.


From the coast to the highlands, there is several tour destination you would  really enjoy. In the coastal  part of Kenya, there are quite  a number of sunny beaches you would choose  from. From Mombasa to Lamu, the warm weather is always  welcoming. You should  also visit Fort Jesus, which has incredible  historical archives.


Game reserves also make great tour destinations. You will be able to have a closer view of wild animals some of which are rare species. There are also several lakes you could visit and get to enjoy fresh  Tilapia. To wrap it all, don’t  forget to enjoy  unique cultural exhibitions from the pastoral communities  such as the Maasai, Samburu, Turkana to mention  but a few.


Weather Conditions in Kenya

Temperatures in Kenya average between 20°C/68°F and 28°C/82°F. The warmest regions in Kenya are the Coastal and Lake region. July is normally a rainy season while June is a dry month. The best weather for touring is August and December.

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