Best Plagiarism Checker softwares for Students and Teachers in University or Colleges

Plagiarism checker for students: An Audit Report published by the Commission for University Education (CUE) on the quality of university education in Kenya indicated that many Universities and students do not check for plagiarism before submitting their papers, CATS or dissertations.

Turnitin plagiarism check for Kenyan Universities and students
Turnitin plagiarism check for Kenyan Universities and students/Photo

The statement read ” It was observed, from the Audit, that many universities did not have anti-plagiarism policies and systems.In some respect, this has allowed universities to engage in anomalous practices in the preparation of theses and dissertations by their students. Universities have been required to urgently develop anti-plagiarism policies and acquire appropriate systems to ensure high standards of scholarly work. ”

Best Plagiarism checking softwares for Students and Teachers

We have personally used all the softwares listed below to check for copy pasted contents. As an institution, teacher, lecturer or student you will need to pay some monthly or annually subscription fee to use any of the plagiarism detecting software below;

  1. Turnitin Ideal for Student Work Copy Checking. This is the best plagiarism detection  software for students and learning institutions. There are over 15,000  learning institutions  and 30 million students currently using turnitin.  Turnitin was established 1998 for four university students as a peer review application. Official website
  2. iThenticate Ideal for Book Copy Checking. This is a sister company of Turnitin. It is normally used by publishers, government organization, and non-profit  organization to ensure content originality. Official website 
  3. WriteCheck Ideal for Term Paper Copy Scanning. It is a company of Turnitin. WriteCheck is meant for students who want to Check their paper’s to ensure  they are cited properly, Check  paper for spelling, grammar and  usage  Plagiarism. Official website
  4. Grammarly Ideal for Classwork grammar correction. This is perhaps one of the largest grammar and plagiarism checker.  The only benefits of using grammarly is that it will help you check on grammar errors in your paper (punctuation, spellings, sentence structure e.t.c). It can also check plagiarism but it is not as good as Turnitin. Official website
  5. Plagscan General Use. In terms of plagiarism checking, plagscan comes second after Turnitin.Official website
  6. Copyscape ideal for WebPage Copy Check. It is commonly used by blogger and writers to check content originality. Official website
  7. Plagtracker

NOTE: has a free trial and you might be interested to use if you have no subscription money.

Want to integrate any of the above plagiarism checking software in your learning institution or want to partner with us? Hit our contact button.

Note that there are a number of free plagiarism checking softwares to use for  lecturers, students, writers and teachers  but they are not that effective.

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