Best internet or Data plans for Writers, bloggers, students: Zuku vs Safaricom vs Airtel

Over the past one year i have  been using free internet. I had discovered one of the internet service providers server loophole. So i took maximum advantage of it. Anyway who owns the internet? It is not Safaricom, Airtel, Orange,  nor any other internet service provider in Kenya.
With this free internet I had all the freedom to stream movies, watch my favorite channels and even distribute free wifi to my neighbors. The loophole was sealed two months ago. I have spent several hours trying to locate another server with a loophole but i have not succeeded.  I have not losed hope.

Back to premium data charges;

My first internet service pay option to check was Zuku. I had read an article on titled “Zuku Internet is incredibly cheap making it the best Internet offering in town.”  I decided to visit my friend who uses Zuku Internet to find out more. His experience was not good. The installation charges are to high and the internet is not worth what i expected.

Most of the time,  Zuku  internet is completely down and reaching their customer care for quick reply is another hell of time. Am one person who hates dealing with companies that respond to simple complaints  after 3 days.  And i can’t afford to do without internet connection for more than 12 hours.  ZUKU option abandoned.

My second option was Safaricom. After abandoning Safaricom for a whole year i thought i should come and check back whether they have at least made changes in internet services charges in favor of customers.



But i realized that safaricom internet charges seems to be getting worse and worse. Who can afford to pay for this safaricom data  bundles which when you use it appears that you are sharing with someone else. The rate at which Safaricom data bundles get finished is not meant for research writers, students and bloggers who are always online. Then again,  I hate this disgusting message that comes after a short  time “Dear customer,your Data Bundle is almost finished. Dial *544# to check your data bundle balance”. This message can give you an attack.  Because i don’t want to die of heart attack any time soon  i abandoned this option.

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My last option that worked quite well and which i am currently using is airtel internet bundles. I have heard many people say that airtel internet  is very slow and i  bought their view only to learn later  that Airtel internet service is  actually one one of the fastest that i have ever used. At ksh. 2999 you get 20GB of airtel data bundles. For a blogger like me  that is good  enough to push me through the month. Even when the bundles are finished you can access facebook, twitter, whatsapp and gmail for free.


What about Airtel Customer service? Not that bad. Takes time for the call to go through but they cannot take more than 3 hours before they sort you.

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