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LaptopKenya: Kenya’s Cheapest online laptop shopping mall, store



Laptop Business in Kenya is on of the most competitive business to engage in. In every street you go in Nairobi you won’t miss a laptop shop. However, the online laptop  business is dominated by Jumia which has enjoyed the monopoly for quite along period of time. This  has given it the freedom to control the market  price. Laptops sold by Jumia go for about 32k to 120k. We however have a new entrant which is Laptokenya.

Laptop Kenya  is a growing company founded by two young  Kenyan Entrepreneurs. It has its headquarters in Nairobi (CBD).
Laptop Kenya majorly specializes in the distribution of brand new laptops, Desktops and accessories. LaptopKenya, prices begin from ksh. 28,000 which is  among the lowest prices in the Kenyan Computer Market.
Laptopkenya also provides  information on which laptop is good to use for a particular purpose. For instance, it provides information on the best laptops for university and college students in Kenya, best laptops for doctors in Kenya, best laptops for office use in kenya, best laptops for playing games, best laptops for under 18s and so on. This makes it is easy for buyers to shop for laptops according to specific intended use.

How can one buy a laptop from laptop Kenya?

One  can buy a laptop online at at laptopkenya by visiting their website and selecting the price you want then  filling in  the buying details. You will then be contacted for confirmation and the laptop will be delivered to your place upon which you will pay.

How does Laptopkenya deliver?

In their delivery page Laptopkenya states that “when you place an order, we will verify your payment, process, pack and deliver the order to you in person, at your doorstep. We do this as soon as you place your order so that you can have your item exactly when you need it. We’ll also be happy to collect your payment when we deliver your item.”

Some of the laptops that Laptopkenya deals with include; Lenovo, Acer, HP, Samsung, Dell, Apple and Toshiba.

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