Bandika lines in Kenya: How to style, price, where to buy and best for

Bandika lines are a variation of fancy braids in Kenya. Their artistic simplicity places them on top priority when it comes to line braiding. They are not only highly favored but also quite affordable considering the kind effort put in place to ensure attainment of perfect braids and styling as well. The lines are common across all age and social classes of women. This is because they can easily suit any given occasion formality notwithstanding (Price ranges between Ksh. 1,000 to 1,800).

Bandika lines in Kenya, How to style, price and best for

Bandika lines in Kenya, How to style, price and best for/Photo Soko-Uhuru


The unique selling feature of this look is that the braids are braided into preferred sizes before being fixed on the wearer’s head. If perfectly done by an experienced stylist, it’s hard for one to detect the difference between them and the natural ones. There are various braids that can is that can be used to achieve that incredible look, but the most popular ones are the Abuja braids which can be purchased from beauty outlets country wide.


There are so many options of styles to select from including the actual size of the braid, colors and finishing. The styles always come out awesomely beautiful giving a special attention to facial features as well as options for playing around with accessories to go with it. Maintenance costs being at the minimal also gives it’s wearers a leading edge as they only need a good hair spray to give them that much sought beaming shine.


Therefore, if you love simplicity with a touch of class, this is definitely one style you should try. Your hair line will also be well protected. What else could you ask for?

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