Rio carnivore braids in Kenya: How to style, price, where to buy and best for

Rio carnivore braids are a unique brand of braids produced by Darling Kenya group. They are commonly used by both young and older women to attain that much anticipated exquisite look suitable for both formal and informal occasions. The braids are purchasable at pocket friendly prices at both retail and wholesale beauty stores country wide. Their easy accessibility makes them a darling to many women more especially due to their versatility.

Rio carnivore braids in Kenya, How to style, price, where to buy and best for

Rio braids in Kenya, How to style, price, where to buy and best for/Photo by Darling


The braids can be styled as loose synthetic hair crotchet or fixed as half braided box braids to give that loose wild look suitable for adventurous women who love to freely show off their fun side. As loose braids,the braids can be held together using a specialized thread or using a hair band to come up with various designs as per preference.


The braids are sold out in different colours and length hence giving it’s wearers a chance to work with what works for them. However,the services of a good stylist will be needed in order t come up with an awesome finishings that could last for a while. If taken good care of, the braids can service one for upto two months without wearing out.And as such a good hair spray should be a priority to avoid hair breakage as well as protect the hair line.


Therefore, if you are looking for a favorable style which you can rock to the office and still wear to that worthy attending evening cocktail party, Rio Carnivore braids are a must try. So don’t be shy, go out of your way to look beautiful and feel it!

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